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Why NYC 2025?

Beyond the urgent and immediate demands of recovery, New York City government will need to grapple with a quite different set of circumstances and threats than existed just a year ago. In particular, because of changes to the City caused by the pandemic, the continued economic growth and fiscal health of New York City can no longer be taken for granted. That means that today, post-COVID, improving the well-being of all New Yorkers — especially those who are now and have been historically disadvantaged — requires policies that both address economic and racial equity and build a prosperous and economically dynamic city.

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By Sherry Glied, Thad Calabrese and Martha Stark 

What is "in scope" for NYC government?

To recommend policies for the Mayor, one must understand the principal sources of law that determine the Mayor’s authority, and they are the City Charter and State Law. These legal frameworks can either empower or constrains the Mayor’s ability to adopt and affect the policies.

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By Richard Briffault

How and why are equity and racial justice inextricably linked to NYC's economic recovery?

For the city to achieve racial justice, it needs to understand the pervasive and systemic racial bias that underlies why our measures and goals are what they are today. Committing to a new paradigm that sets our city’s sights plainly on economic advancement for all as the goal – using the measures and data that can help get us there – is a powerful declaration that we are serious about rectifying hundreds of years of racial inequities.

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By Jennifer Jones Austin

How can New York's municipal leaders adjust tax policy to make the city more competitive?

Next January 1, New York City’s newly elected leaders will assume responsibility for managing one of the world’s most complex, most ambitious, and - not coincidentally - most expensive municipal governments.  As they seek to rebuild the city’s economy and ease the COVID-19 pandemic’s legacy of human devastation, they will face familiar questions: Should the City raise taxes? Will raising taxes make the city’s economy less competitive, diminishing its capacity to sustain jobs and generate needed revenue?  What tax policy changes would make the city more competitive? 

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By Andrew Sidamon-Eristoff

The Covid crisis exposed the deep weaknesses in New York’s health delivery system, which were long known by health professionals but unseen and unknown by most of the general public. In a post-COVID era, they can no longer be ignored. The famous quote by Winston Churchill applies: “never waste a good crisis.” Out of the harm of the pandemic, we have an opportunity to rebuild and change our health system for the better.

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By Stephen Berger

If you have questions about the NYC 2025 series of proposals, would like to get in touch with proposal authors, or would like to partner with NYC 2025 to put on an event for your constituencies, please contact NYU Wagner Chief of Staff, Christina Powell.