Authors Proposals View the Paper
Jennifer Jones Austin The City’s Economic Recovery Must Also be a Powerful Declaration on Racial Justice View the Paper
Stephen Berger The Future of New York City’s Healthcare Networks Post-Pandemic View the Paper
Richard Briffault The Power of the Mayor: The Legal Framework View the Paper
Ana Champeny Getting the Basics Right: Fiscal, Managerial, and Policy Priorities for Recovery, Stability and Prosperity View the paper
Joseph Chow The Equitable Commute Project View the paper
Ingrid Gould Ellen Housing for the Next Mayor View the Paper
Sarah Gerecke Right Size New York City's Investment in Homeownership View the paper
Linda Gibbs The Potential of Anchor Institutions View the paper
Elizabeth Glazer Safety and Opportunity as the Touchstones for Vibrant Civic Life View the paper
Sherry Glied NYC 2025 Project Overview Paper View the Paper
Michael Hendrix The Importance of Supporting Small Business to New York City’s Economic Recovery View the paper
Roderick M. Hills Solving New York City’s Housing Crisis by Countering the Growth Machine Narrative: Three Recommendations for NYC’s New Mayor View the paper
Gayle Horwitz Supporting the City's Economic Development Agenda through Direct Investment of the Pension Funds View the paper
Sophie House Preserving and Expanding Homeownership View the Paper
Michelle Jackson Full funding for human services conteacts View the Paper
Chai Jindasurat Nonprofit contracting and equity View the Paper


Chai Jindasurat City contracting overview View the Paper
Angie Kamath Turning NYC from a Net Importer of Talent to a Net Producer of Talent in the Next Decade View the paper
Bruce Katz From City Hall to City Networks: Catalyzing the Inclusive Recovery of New York City View the paper
Sarah Kaufman Securing the Micromobility Moment with Bike Boulevards View the paper
Neil Kleiman Digital Innovation: Building a Data and Technology Plan for the 21st Century View the paper
Eric Klinenberg A Social Infrastructure Plan for New York City View the paper
Marianna Koval Creating a Sustainable, Inclusive and Resilient Future Economy in New York City View the paper
Justine Olderman Family Court Justice: Miranda Rights for Families View the paper
Jina Paik Rationale and recommendations for full cost contracting View the Paper
Eric Rosenbaum Housing and Safe Shelters for Homeless New Yorkers View the paper
Jerry Salama Small Property Owners View the Paper
Andrew Sidamon-Eristoff First, Do No Harm View the Paper
Lorna E. Thorpe Transformative Public Health Corps for NYC Neighborhoods and Residents View the paper