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December Conference Video

This C-SPAN site provides complete coverage of the December conference with former Senator Daschle, former Representative Frenzel, Organizational Performance Initiative Founder Dr. Paul Light, Colby Professor Dr. Cal Mackenzie, George Washington Dr. Sarah Binder, and RAND Dr. Jim Dewar.

Funded by the John Brademas Center for the Study of Congress and the Smith Richardson Foundation, this project will ask how Congress and the Presidency can strengthen their capacity to address policy questions that have significant long-term impacts on conditions of great uncertainty.

The project was formally launched in September 2006, led by NYU Wagner professor and former Brookings Institution Scholar Dr. Paul Light. The project will focus on improving Congress' ability to make long-consequence decisions for the 21st Century, and will run through the fall of 2008. The project's Advisory Group of current and former Members of Congress also guide the project and begin lending their first-hand, knowledgeable advice to our endeavor.

The first conference was held in December 2006, and opened by former Senator Tom Daschle and former Representative Bill Frenzel. Three congressional scholars, G. Calvin Mackenzie of Colby College, Sarah Binder of the George Washington University and the Brookings Institution, and James Dewar of RAND, presented papers dealing with Congress' difficulties in legislating for the future, what institutional problems might contribute to these difficulties, and what possible solutions might exist for dealing with these issues. These papers can be found below.

This conference will be followed by the release of a series of policy papers that will deal with specific issues such as Medicare, Social Security, global warming, etc.-that demonstrate the difficulties of legislating into the future. To culminate the project, we will issue a set of recommendations on how to change Congress to make it better able to make important long-term decisions.



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