At Wagner, we are interested in offering programs that not only to equip individuals with knowledge and skills, but also enhance leadership in the organizations and fields where they work. These projects are a representation of our ongoing efforts in developing leadership.

The Collective Leadership Laboratory (Co-Lead Lab) offered Wagner students the frameworks and tools to become more impactful and collaborative leaders. The Fall 2017 program included an academic course, complemented by four one-day trainings available to course participants and interested Wagner students. Learn more

The Fellowship for Emerging Leaders in Public Service (FELPS) is a unique leadership and career accelerator program for early-career professionals in public service. The Fellowship recognizes the strong commitment to public service that Fellows have demonstrated and strengthens this commitment by providing professional development and networking opportunities to help Fellows think intentionally and strategically about their own leadership and careers. Learn more

The Ghanaian Women’s Social Leadership Program (GWSLP) is a program developed by NYU Wagner in collaboration with Fundación Mujeres por África and Banco Santander. The program offers a one-year, cohort-based leadership development program for women in mid-level positions in Ghanaian civil society organizations. Learn more

At Leadership in Action at Wagner, we treat communities of practice as sources of leadership knowledge in which groups of peers can acquire skills and change their leadership practices through building social relationships. NYU Wagner Professors support communities of practice that are interested in teaching leadership as a collective effort both within and beyond NYU Wagner. Learn more