Social Change Leadership

Social Change Organizations (SCOs) address systemic problems by helping to bring the voices of their constituents and communities to public debates and engage in collective action. Despite considerable constraints on their resources, SCOs succeed by finding ways to identify, grow, and use the talent and knowledge of their people. With intentional leadership work, SCOs can transform scarcity into abundance to leverage their organizational power and influence.

Research on SCOs documents the adaptive, creative, and pragmatic ways in which leadership acts to create social change. The research and documentation component of the Leadership for a Changing World program articulates these findings, systematizes them into a social change leadership framework, and explores the sets of leadership practices at the framework’s core.  

These practices are strategic interventions that emerge organically to help accomplish collective leadership work on social issues with no ready solution. They demonstrate practical strategies for social change leaders to become more adaptive, inclusive, and effective in their work through developing leadership and building the capacity of individuals, organizations and communities.


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