Co-Lead Lab

The Collective Leadership Laboratory (Co-Lead Lab), a semester-long leadership laboratory to be launched in Fall 2017, offers Wagner students the frameworks and tools to become more impactful and collaborative leaders. The program will include an academic course, complemented by three one-day trainings available to course participants and to other interested Wagner students.

Co-Lead Pilot

In preparation for launching the Co-Lead Lab, Professor Sonia M. Ospina along with a board of NYU/Wagner faculty, alumni, and leadership experts and seven Wagner student advisors, introduced the Co-Lead Lab Pilot in the Spring of 2017. The Pilot featured four workshops that were grounded in collective leadership frameworks and open to all Wagner students. The goal of the pilot was to test the Co-Lead Lab concept and key components, as well as to gain feedback to refine the leadership laboratory. Additionally, the Pilot’s Student Advisory Group leveraged their experiences in the workshops to engage in an Action Learning process to practice capacities learned during the trainings and explore their leadership, all while receiving support from a peer-led community of practice. Students who participated in the pilot:

  • Joined and learned from a reflective community of peers interested in leadership and leadership development;
  • Had access and sustained interaction with selected faculty and staff who are part of Leadership in Action at Wagner;
  • Engaged in an ongoing learning process about new leadership perspectives and practiced the associated capabilities in a supportive environment;
  • Informed a new leadership program at Wagner; and
  • Gained a certificate of participation to be used in their CVs and personal narratives (Student Advisory Group members only).


During four full-day sessions, trainers from social change organizations showcased participatory tools and techniques to support change efforts and offered experiential learning opportunities to practice the leadership capabilities required to implement them. 

Entering, Exiting, & Building Community: Offered a roadmap for community engagement and partnership development through arts, performance, and storytelling. Led by Urban Bush Women and Arts & Democracy & sponsored by the Wagner Management and Leadership Organization.

Art of Hosting and Dialogue Techniques: Learned how to address challenges by catalyzing collective action through a range of conversational facilitation techniques. Led by Going Upstream & sponsored by Bridge: Students for Social Innovation, the Wagner International Student Society and the Wagner Management and Leadership Organization.

Social Identities & Non-Negotiable Conversations: Explored how social identities shape and expand collaboration and learn how to better recognize, engage, and bridge differences in constructive ways. Led by Building Movement Project and Gittell Collective & sponsored by the Wagner International Student Society and the Wagner Management and Leadership Organization.

Systems Thinking: An Application of the U Process: Increased capacity to identify the leverage points that lead to desired change by deepening understanding of the intersections of dynamic systems. Led by Synergos & sponsored by Bridge: Students for Social Innovation, the International Public Service Association, and the Wagner Management and Leadership Organization.


For more information about Co-Lead Lab, contact Professor Sonia M. Ospina.