Practice Notes

These Practice Notes draw on our experiences working with leaders to offer practical guidance on tools and techniques to facilitate leadership development.

Shows conference organizers how to invite participants to explore the issues that most matter to them by creating their own agendas for work sessions. View here

Discusses how to facilitate opportunities for valuable peer-to-peer learning while addressing the challenges of applying the learning "back home" in participants' own organizations. View here

Discusses how to use visual tools to bring clarity to a complex issue, problem, or model by encouraging inclusion and participation, tapping into creative expression and tacit knowledge, and building group cohesion. View here

Explains how to use storytelling as a tool to bring people together, build relationships, and identify common threads or points of connection through the sharing of personal and professional experiences. View here

Shows how to get input on developing tools for practice while creating an environment in which participants can learn and reflect. View here

Helps facilitators foster rich, in-depth small group discussions through which broader themes can emerge. View here

Shows how to facilitate collegial discussions by starting with an "inner circle" of experts talking before encouraging participants to join in. View here

Explains how to prepare and facilitate sessions in which leaders can exchange knowledge and resources with peers in less than 90 minutes. View here