About the Research Center for Leadership in Action

In today's shared-power world, no one individual, organization or sector has the resources or power to address complex, pressing global issues alone.
Whether global climate change or entrenched international conflicts, the rapidly shifting geopolitical and digital landscapes require moving beyond the traditional "heroic" image of a leader to facilitating leadership in which people work across sectors and boundaries to find common solutions.

At the Research Center for Leadership in Action, we are opening up new possibilities for understanding how people at all levels of organizations and across all sectors of society can contribute to leadership for the public good. This work radically expands our notion of how people can lead and enables more people to see themselves reflected in the leadership recognized in the world. By deepening and diversifying the pool of people taking up leadership on issues of public importance, we are strengthening organizations, communities and ultimately, democracy.

To achieve this vision, RCLA is committed to advancing breakthrough scholarship on leadership for the public good and to developing a deep and diverse pool of public service leaders. We offer customized research and programs that expand individuals' knowledge and skills and strengthen the organizations and systems in which they work.

As the leadership center at NYU Wagner, a nationally top-ranked school for public affairs, RCLA works across the diverse domains of public service, attending to both the individual and collective dimensions of leadership. Our greatest asset is our unique ability to partner with leaders to translate ideas into action, generating breakthroughs in both scholarship and practice.

Our partners have included the Ford Foundation, Rockefeller Foundation, Annie E. Casey Foundation, AVINA Foundation, Edna McConnell Clark Foundation, Center for Creative Leadership, Center for Action Research in Professional Practice, Accenture, and a broad network of leaders in the field.