GWSLP Alumni Network

The GWSLP Alumni Network is comprised of all Ghanaian Women's Social Leadership Program participants, who graduated from the program after completing all the requirements including training, implementation of an Action learning Project and the coaching component.  Currently there are 45 GWSLP alumni. 

The alumni network was proposed by a group of alumni in 2016, who expressed the need to cultivate relationships among alumni and expand program impact in Ghana through alumni activities. GWSLP supports the enthusiasm of the group and has since then, incorporated alumni events as core GWSLP activities. Each year, a select group of alumni, volunteer to serve on the GWSLP Alumni Committee. This committee leads the coordination of network events and keeps the network engaged.  On October 2016, the GWSLP Alumni Network came together for the first time.

 The main objectives for the GWSLP  alumni network are

  1. To strengthen relationships between GWSLP alumni and future program participants
  2. To create spaces and opportunities for GWSLP alumni and participants to connect and support each other and to continue developing their leadership
  3. To foster collaboration among GWSLP alumni and their organizations and the social sector in Ghana, through continuous learning, sharing of ideas and movement of ideas to action
  4. To support other women in Ghana by offering opportunities to develop their leadership and capacity to contribute to lead transformational change in their communities and organizations

GWSLP Alumni Activities:

In 2017, the GWSLP Alumni Network with the support of GWSLP staff, held the following events: 

  • An alumni meeting on May 19, 2017 that included a panel discussion titled: “Making the voices of Women Count: The Pledge for Parity.”
  • An alumni forum on December 1, 2017 that included a panel discussion titled: “Unleashing the Power of Networks: Uniting as Women to Lead Transformative Social Change in Ghana.”

In addition to these alumni events, GWSLP staff created a GWSLP alumni WhatsApp group, started a program Facebook page and recently opened an Instagram account. The goal of using these platforms is to keep the network engaged via social media in addition to holding events. 

Planning for 2018 network activities is currently underway. The new 2018 GWSLP Alumni Committee is initiating planning for the first Alumni gathering of the year. 

2018 Alumni Committee Members: 

Regina Antwi (Cohort 1) 

Christabel Dankwa (Cohort 3)

Rosemary Dufie (Cohort 3) 

Veronica Dzeagu (Cohort 2) 

Bashiratu Kamal (Cohort 2)

Linda Osabutey (Cohort 1)

Joyce Renee (Cohort 2) 

Irene Sawerteh (Cohort 3) 

Jamila Yeboah (Cohort 1) 

You can read Alumni Committee Member bios here

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GWSLP Alumni
GWSLP Alumni