Work with Us

Partnership opportunities at Leadership in Action at Wagner include:

  • Program Design and Enhancement: Leadership in Action at Wagner helps organizations conceive and develop leadership programs and other initiatives that produce measurable outcomes, leverage current success for the future, better meet stakeholder needs, and foster sustainability and growth. These programs both help organizations achieve their missions and equip them to better handle challenges in the future.
  • Workshops and Learning Sessions: Leadership in Action at Wagner organizes workshops that pair the latest scholarship with innovations from the daily work of nonprofit, government and philanthropic endeavors. These interactive sessions build on a peer-learning model in which participants share insights with colleagues while connecting new leadership theories to their own experiences.
  • Building and Supporting Networks: Leadership in Action at Wagner develops structured convenings for leaders to explore the complex challenges they face and together enhance their efforts on issues of shared concern.
  • Technical Assistance and Training in Innovative Research Techniques: Leadership in Action at Wagner offers methodological expertise in technical assistance and training to organizations looking to incorporate ongoing learning and leadership development into their organizational cultures.
  • Fellowship Design, Implementation and Evaluation: Leadership in Action at Wagner supports partners in the design, management, and evaluation of leadership fellowship programs. We also develop and implement program curricula and alumni networks to equip individuals with knowledge, skills, and connections to enhance leadership in their organizations and fields.
  • Institutes and Executive Education: Leadership in Action at Wagner partners with foundations, associations, and universities around the world to offer hands-on leadership programs in the heart of New York City. These programs are tailored to the specific needs of organizations and global exchange programs.

If you'd like to partner with us, please contact