Collective Leadership Network

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NYU Wagner’s Collective Leadership Network (Co-Lead Net) is an international network of academics, practitioners and graduate students interested in better understanding collective leadership and to helping it gain traction as a force for positive change.  

Professors Sonia M. Ospina and Erica Gabrielle Foldy convened the network in its first 3 years and is presently convened by Professor Suzanne Gagnon of McGill University in Montreal. The Co-Lead Net aims to:

  • Create knowledge that makes collective leadership possible;

  • Foster academic and practitioner-based research on leadership for classroom learning and professional leadership development programs;

  • Develop and disseminate robust ideas about collective leadership that draw scholarly attention to leadership issues and inspire students to become successful leaders; and

  • Engage other voices and expand the conversations on collective leadership beyond the core community of researchers already working on the topic.

Co-Lead Net has helped position NYU and NYU Wagner as a nexus for important conversations about collective leadership scholarship. Most importantly, its incubation stage and development represents an important contribution to the broader community of scholars interested in this phenomenon.  The network’s strength and sustainability is reflected in its’ member decision to rotate the organization and hosting of the workshop among different academic institutions every year.

Learn more about this work by exploring Co-Lead Net's Workshops and Webinars. For information about the Montreal 2018 workshop, you can click here.



For more information on this network, please contact Professor Sonia M. Ospina or Professor Erica Gabrielle Foldy.