Connection and Learning Opportunities

Join us for opportunities to connect to and learn with other dynamic public service leaders.

As a Global Network University concerned with developing the next generation of leaders, New York University has portal campuses in Abu Dhabi and Shanghai as well as academic centers across the globe, offering RCLA a unique vantage point as the leadership center within the university. Based at NYU's Robert F. Wagner Graduate School of Public Service, a nationally top-ranked school for public affairs, RCLA draws on the intellectual capital, research and teaching of preeminent faculty and scholars in a variety of policy arenas. We offer a wide variety of educational programs that equip established and emerging public service leaders to be more effective.

Leadership Courses

As a leadership school, NYU Wagner offers an array of programs that prepare individuals to take on a variety of roles across sectors. They offer conceptual frameworks for understanding the role of leadership in high-impact organizations, analytical tools for developing and assessing strategy, approaches to working with stakeholders to mobilize commitment, and methods for leading change and achieving scale. They also enable leaders to use different lenses and models for evaluating their personal, interpersonal and organizational effectiveness and growth.

Executive Education

Like our leadership programs, RCLA's executive education programs offer the flexibility to engage in learning in the classroom or in the workplace. We partner with other top leadership centers and organizations to offer leaders the tools, knowledge and skills necessary for managing leadership challenges without precedent or easy answers.

Leadership Institutes

From the United Nations Headquarters to Ellis Island, historic Harlem to Wall Street, New York City is a world-class laboratory for learning about leadership and public service. RCLA's leadership institutes capitalize on our location in the heart of the city by pairing courses on timely leadership topics such as migration management, international development and corporate ethics, with hands-on, applied learning through site visits. Through partnerships with universities and schools across the nation and around the world, we offer students an unparalleled opportunity to experience leadership for the public good in a dynamic, global metropolis.

Curricular Resources and Products for Practice

RCLA scholars publish research findings in top peer-reviewed journals and present annually at the premier policy, public administration, leadership and management conferences worldwide. We share these findings in a variety of resources for professors and scholars that enable them to incorporate cutting-edge thinking and practices from the work of leadership in public service into courses, seminars, trainings and presentations. We also offer a variety of products for practice that codify what we've learned about effective leader and leadership development. These tools are designed as practical resources to help people do the complex work of making transformational change on tough social issues.