Capstone Program

Applying Knowledge in the Field

A requirement of the Master of Public Administration and Master of Urban Planning programs at NYU Wagner, Capstone provides students with both a critical learning experience and an opportunity to perform a public service. Over the course of an academic year, students in Capstone work in teams with faculty oversight to address challenges and identify opportunities for a client organization or to conduct research on a pressing social question. 

Capstone projects require students to get up-to-speed quickly on a specific content or issue area; enhance key process skills such as project management and teamwork; and develop competency in gathering, analyzing, and reporting out on data. For students, it's an opportunity to interweave their learning in all these areas and to do so in real time, in an unpredictable, complex, real-world environment; for organizations, it's a chance to have current and future public service leaders focused on their success.



Thank you to FJC: a Foundation of Philanthropic Funds for generous financial support of our Capstone program.

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We are now accepting proposals for the 2016-2017 academic year. The deadline for submitting a proposal is June 10, 2016.


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