Wagner Undergraduate Courses

The following courses are open to all undergraduates at NYU. All courses are taught by NYU Wagner faculty, who are recognized experts in their fields and provide students with an opportunity to explore some of the most important public policy issues facing the world today.

For further information, please contact wagner.undergraduate@nyu.edu

UPADM-GP.101, The Politics of Public Policy
UPADM-GP.102, Introduction to Social Impact
UPADM-GP.103, Introduction to Managing Public Service Organizations
UPADM-GP.111, Quantitative Analysis for Public Policy
UPADM-GP.140, The Economics of Public Policy
UPADM-GP.209, The American Presidency
UPADM-GP.215, The Politics of New York
UPADM-GP.217, Sustainable Urban Development
UPADM-GP.219, Segregation and Public Policy in the American City
UPADM-GP.226, Leadership: Women and Public Policy
UPADM-GP.236, Topics in Health: Policy, Politics, and Power
UPADM-GP.242, The Business of Nonprofit Management
UPADM-GP.249, Religion, Conflict Transformation, and the Future of Democracy
UPADM-GP.251, Legal and Ethical Approaches to Islam
UPADM-GP.254, Multi-Faith Leadership in the 21st Century
UPADM-GP.255, Spiritual and Ethical Approaches to Islam
UPADM-GP.260, What Really Matters? Leadership with No Regrets
UPADM-GP.265, Fundamentals of Social Entrepreneurship
UPADM-GP.267, Social Entrepreneurship Incubator & Practicum
UPADM-GP.268, Race, Immigration, and Financial Citizenship in the U.S.
UPADM-GP.269, How to Change the World: Advocacy Movements and Social Innovation
UPADM-GP.275, Contemporary Global Crises and Humanitarian Politics
UPADM-GP.282, Moving NYC: Travel Behavior and Policy in New York City
UPADM-GP.284, Emergencies, Disasters, and Cities
UPADM-GP.429, Intersection of Politics and Public Policy
UPADM-GP.430, Intelligence and National Security Policymaking