Inequality, Race, And Poverty

Courses in this Focus Area will deepen your knowledge of inequality with a focus on the causes and consequences. You will learn about how policy can create disadvantages and opportunities.

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PADM-GP.2112, Gender in the Workplace
PADM-GP.2129, Race, Identity, and Inclusion in Organizations
PADM-GP.2213, Immigration Politics and Policy -- Past and Present
PADM-GP.2416, Racial Inequality in America: What Do We Do Now?
PADM-GP.2444, Gender & Sexuality in U.S. Policy Formation
PADM-GP.2445, Poverty, Inequality, and Policy
URPL-GP.2608, Urban Economics
URPL-GP.2620, Race, Ethnicity, Class, and Gender in American Cities
EXEC-GP.4129, Race, Identity, and Inclusion in Organizations (EMPA)
EXEC-GP.4151, Gender, Politics, and Leadership (EMPA)
PADM-GP.4151, Gender, Politics, and Leadership
PADM-GP.4155, Disability, Policy and Leadership-Building an Accessible World
PADM-GP.4318, Social Impact and Emerging Technologies
PADM-GP.4452, US Reproductive Rights Advocacy
PADM-GP.4456, Race and Voting in the United States
URPL-GP.4622, Wealth and Inequality
URPL-GP.4634, Equitable Community Engagement
URPL-GP.4635, Community Equity and Wealth Building

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Erica Gabrielle Foldy

Associate Professor of Public and Nonprofit Management; Co-Director of Capstone Program; Co-Director of Advocacy and Political Action Specialization

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Yusef Freeman

MPA in Public & Nonprofit Management & Policy
Vice President
McCormack Baron Salazar
Yusef Freeman
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