Inequality, Race, And Poverty

This focus area explores the causes and consequences of inequality with an emphasis on the crucial role of policy in creating opportunities and disadvantages. It also explores the intersection of policy and identity across race, ethnicity, class, gender, and access.

Courses in this Focus Area will deepen your knowledge of inequality with a focus on the causes and consequences. You will learn about how policy can create disadvantages and opportunities.

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PADM-GP.2112, Gender in the Workplace
PADM-GP.2129, Race, Identity, and Inclusion in Organizations
PADM-GP.2213, Immigration Politics and Policy -- Past and Present
PADM-GP.2416, Racial Inequality in America: What Do We Do Now?
PADM-GP.2444, Gender & Sexuality in U.S. Policy Formation
PADM-GP.2445, Poverty, Inequality, and Policy
URPL-GP.2608, Urban Economics
URPL-GP.2620, Race, Ethnicity, Class, and Gender in American Cities
EXEC-GP.4129, Race, Identity, and Inclusion in Organizations (EMPA)
EXEC-GP.4151, Gender, Politics, and Leadership (EMPA)
PADM-GP.4151, Gender, Politics, and Leadership
PADM-GP.4155, Disability, Policy and Leadership-Building an Accessible World
PADM-GP.4318, Social Impact and Emerging Technologies
PADM-GP.4452, US Reproductive Rights Advocacy
PADM-GP.4456, Race and Voting in the United States
URPL-GP.4622, Wealth and Inequality
URPL-GP.4634, Equitable Community Engagement
URPL-GP.4635, Community Equity and Wealth Building

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