Philanthropy and Fundraising

Maintaining resources  are key to keeping organizations operational. Explore how these entities develop strategies for effective fundraising and grantmaking to execute their policies and run their programs and services.

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PADM-GP.2119, Marketing for Nonprofit Organizations
PADM-GP.2127, Corporate Social Responsibility: Social Finance Partnerships and Models
PADM-GP.2413, Strategic Philanthropy
EXEC-GP.2413, Strategic Philanthropy (EMPA)
PADM-GP.4131, Fundamentals of Fundraising
PADM-GP.4316, NYU Impact Investment Fund I
PADM-GP.4317, NYU Impact Investment Fund II
PADM-GP.4414, Corporate Philanthropy and Engagement

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Scott Taitel

Clinical Professor of Public Service; Director of Social Impact, Innovation, and Investment Specialization

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Becky Bavinger

MPA in Public & Nonprofit Management & Policy
Global Public Health Department
Bloomberg Philanthropies
Becky Bavinger