Social Finance

This Advanced Certificate draws from NYU Wagner’s established and innovative curriculum in social finance. Coursework focuses on impact investment, program-related investment, and financial management providing you with the skills you need to practice in both the nonprofit and private sector. It will expose students to new methodologies in addressing social problems and assessing impact through program-related investment, blended finance, venture philanthropy, and measurement of social impact returns.

Students must successfully complete 15 credits to earn this Advanced Certificate.


Required Courses:

Students must complete the following course (3 credits):


Course Number Course Name Prerequisites Typically offered credits
CORE-GP.1021 Financial Management for Public, Nonprofit, and Health Organizations None Fall, Spring, Summer 3



Students must also choose and complete courses from the following (12 credits):


Course Number Course Name Prerequisites Typically offered credits
PADM-GP.2127 Corporate Social Responsibility: Social Finance Partnerships and Models None Spring, Summer 3
PADM-GP.2132 Social Entrepreneurship and Innovation by Design None Fall, Spring 3
PADM-GP.2147 Corporate Finance and Public Policy CORE-GP.1021; PADM-GP.4130 concurrently Fall 3
PADM-GP.2310 Understanding Social Enterprise None Spring 3
PADM-GP.2311 Social Impact Investment CORE-GP.1021; PADM-GP.4130 concurrently Fall, Spring 3
PADM-GP.2312 Managing Financial and Social Returns of the Social Enterprise CORE-GP.1021; PADM-GP.4130 concurrently Spring 3
PADM-GP.4130 Fundamentals of Accounting CORE-GP.1021 Fall, Spring, Summer 1.5
PADM-GP.4313 The Intersection of Finance and Social Justice CORE-GP.1021; PADM-GP.2147 recommended Spring 1.5
PADM-GP.4314 Environmental Finance and Social Impact CORE-GP.1021; PADM-GP.2311 recommended Spring 1.5
PADM-GP.4315 Advanced Financial and Impact Modeling for Nonprofit and Social Enterprises CORE-GP.1021 or EXEC-GP.2141; co-requisite of PADM-GP.4130; and one of the following: PADM-GP.2312, PADM-GP.2142, or PADM-GP.2311. PADM-GP.2147 is recommended. Spring 1.5


Prerequisites: The required CORE-GP 1021 course must be taken in the first semester and it is a prerequisite to most courses in the certificate. Students who are able to waive CORE-GP 1021 will be allowed to take an advanced elective in its place. Note that PADM-GP 4130 is a co-requisite to several courses and CORE-GP 1021 is a prerequisite to PADM-GP 4130.