Being A Wagner Student

We're a diverse community united by passion. Converging from all over—and bound for—the world, we're part of the fabric of NYC.

Student Stories

Zak Hill-Whilton

Zak Hill-Whilton

Zak reflects on his experience with Former President of Planned Parenthood Cecile Richards during her visit to NYU Wagner. 

Zak Hill-Whilton, MPA in Public & Nonprofit Management & Policy

Quamid Francis

Quamid Francis

Quamid highlights his experience as a first-generation college student and his commitment to public service as a US Marine and an advocate for marginalized communities. 

Quamid Francis, MPA in Public & Nonprofit Management & Policy

 Photo of Gloria Campbell

Gloria Campbell

Read about Gloria's participation in the research that uncovered the Pink Tax on Transportation and transportation challenges of women in New York City. 

Gloria Campbell, Master of Urban Planning in Environment, Infrastructure, and Transportation

Our Community

EQUITY, Diversity & Inclusion

What does "diversity" mean for a school of public service?

Everything. It means grappling with stubborn and compounding issues of discrimination, disparity, and access—not just in our work and student groups, but also as an institution. By collectively focusing on these issues, we prepare ourselves to create better solutions to our toughest social challenges.

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Student Organizations

From the Wagner Health Network to the Black Student Association, and from panel discussions to happy hours, our student organizations feed our passions beyond the classroom and keep us connected around specific interests. They give us a chance to network, dive into issues, engage with leaders, and expand our NYU Wagner experience.

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NYU & NYC    

A Global University, the teeming city—we're part of them, and they're part of us. 

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