Centers & Institutes

Our interdisciplinary research centers and institutes develop innovative approaches and solutions to address global challenges across public service.

Research Centers & Institutes

Financial Access Initiative

What we do: Find solutions to the question: How can we create a better life for low-income households through quality financial services?

Our scope: International

Who we are: A team of researchers and thinkers at NYU Wagner working alongside scholars, practitioners, and policymakers from around the world.

Faculty lead: Jonathan Morduch 

Furman Center for Real Estate & Urban Policy

What we do: Understand and solve challenges presented by affordable housing, financing, foreclosures, land use regulation, and neighborhood changes.

Our scope: NYC and urban centers nationwide

Who we are: A joint research center of NYU Wagner and the NYU School of Law.

Faculty lead: Ingrid Gould Ellen

Rudin Center for Transportation Policy & Management

What we do: Explore challenges in urban transportation and infrastructure.

Our scope: NYC

Who we are: Thinkers and policymakers from around the world; public, private, and nonprofit partners; and NYU Wagner faculty and graduate students.

Faculty lead: Sarah Kaufman

The Health Evaluation and Analytics Lab

What we do: Help health organizations evaluate initiatives that seek to improve health outcomes and healthcare delivery practices.

Our scope: New York State

Who we are: A community of scholars joined by the public sector, communities, healthcare organizations, foundations, and nonprofits.

Faculty lead: Charles Neighbors

John Brademas Center of New York University

What we do: Pursue a collection of initiatives in the areas—the state of Congress and the legislative process in democracies; the shifting dynamics in foreign policy and international affairs; and, the present state and future prospects for higher education, the humanities, arts and culture—which formed the core of John Brademas' life in public service.

Our scope: National / International

Who we are: NYU-wide faculty and staff, joined by a prestigious group of political leaders and scholars who comprise our advisory group.

Institute for Civil Infrastructure Systems (ICIS)

What we do: Develop models for and promote new practices in the world of interrelated, 21st-century urban infrastructure systems.

Our scope: National

Who we are: An interdisciplinary team of researchers working alongside partnering institutions and community groups.

Faculty lead: Rae Zimmerman

Institute of Human Development & Social Change

What we do: Stimulate research and influence social policy on children, youth, families, and communities in the context of a rapidly changing social world. 

Our scope: International

Who we are: An interdisciplinary network of faculty members, researchers, and students from across NYU and the Office of the Provost in a joint initiative.

Faculty lead: Patrick Sharkey