Program Evaluation

Determining if a policy or program is effective and impactful is an important part of working in public service. This Program Evaluation Focus Area provides both quantitative and qualitative methods and frameworks to enhance your skills for collecting and analyzing data.

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PADM-GP.2149, Cost-Benefit Analysis
PADM-GP.2170, Performance Measurement and Management
EXEC-GP.2170, Performance Measurement & Management
PADM-GP.2171, Evaluating Programs and Policies
PADM-GP.2172, Advanced Empirical Methods
PADM-GP.2311, Social Impact Investment
PADM-GP.2875, Estimating Impacts in Policy Research
PADM-GP.2902, Multiple Regression and Introduction to Econometrics
MSPP-GP.2905, Quantitative Methods for Policy Analysis
PADM-GP.4110, Project Management
PADM-GP.4119, Data Visualization and Storytelling
PADM-GP.4213, Policy Advocacy Strategy & Evaluation
PADM-GP.4501, Designing Data Collection for Program Evaluation, Policy, and Management
PADM-GP.4502, Using Large Data Sets in Policy Research
PADM-GP.4504, Introduction to Database Design, Management, and Security
PHD-GP.5905, Qualitative Research Methods