Composing Your Career

You know you want a career with meaning—you want to do work that matters and reflects your values. But do you know in which field and role you want to make an impact, or how to put yourself on track for a meaningful career? You’re not alone.

Composing Your Career at NYU Wagner—and Beyond

Composing Your Career is a practical guide. As you begin your journey at NYU Wagner and evolve your career over time, its exercises and videos will help you meet three core objectives:

  • Figure out what "work that matters" means to you so you know where you're going
  • Design your journey with your goal in sight
  • Maximize your chance of being hired to make an impact in the field and role you want

NYU Wagner attracts students who want an education that challenges and informs over time. We know that the students who get the most from Wagner are those who actively create their education with us. Composing Your Career is a start. 


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The Tracks Exercise

Not sure exactly where you're headed? The innovative Tracks Exercise helps you explore options, then fine-tune your focus on how and where you want to make an impact. Dive deeper

Know What Employers Look F.O.R.

Field. Organization. Role.

You've set your course. Next, understand what will get you hired: an active commitment to your field, a fit with the organization's culture, and the skills to make effective change in the role. Dive deeper

Practice the S.E.E. Strategies

Smart. Experienced. Engaged.

Position yourself for a successful career—be smart, experienced, and engaged. How? Consider what you're looking for along with what employers are looking for and use the information to maximize your time while in school. Dive deeper

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