Social Justice and Democracy

Build your knowledge of the foundations of social justice. In this Focus Area, you will learn about current and past social and political circumstances and sharpen your skills related to critical thinking and collective action.

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PADM-GP.2106, Community Organizing
EXEC-GP.2106, Community Organizing (EMPA)
PADM-GP.2112, Gender in the Workplace
PADM-GP.2129, Race, Identity, and Inclusion in Organizations
PADM-GP.2184, Community Based Participatory Action Research
PADM-GP.2186, Leadership and Social Transformation
PADM-GP.2202, Politics of International Development
PADM-GP.2213, Immigration Politics and Policy -- Past and Present
PADM-GP.2214, Constructing National Development Strategies
PADM-GP.2249, Scaling Social Enterprises - Experiential Field Course
PADM-GP.2310, Understanding Social Enterprise
PADM-GP.2311, Social Impact Investment
PADM-GP.2407, Advocacy Lab: How to Make Change Happen
PADM-GP.4116, Participatory Policymaking
PADM-GP.4213, Policy Advocacy Strategy & Evaluation
PADM-GP.4313, The Intersection of Finance and Social Justice
PADM-GP.4319, Financing Inclusive Businesses
PADM-GP.4450, Strategic Communications for Advocacy
PADM-GP.4451, Elections in Action
PADM-GP.4452, US Reproductive Rights Advocacy
PADM-GP.4453, US Climate Policy, Politics, and Change
PADM-GP.4454, Digital Communications for Advocacy and Politics
PADM-GP.4455, Labor Movement Politics, Advocacy & Social Change
PADM-GP.4456, Race and Voting in the United States
PADM-GP.4457, Advanced Organizing: Bargaining for Power
URPL-GP.4634, Equitable Community Engagement
URPL-GP.4666, Topics in Urban Studies: Policy Agenda Setting in an Increasingly Polarized World

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Elizabeth Olsson

MPA in Public & Nonprofit Management & Policy
Racial Equity and Social Justice Manager
Montgomery County Council (Maryland)
Elizabeth Olsson
Centers and Initiatives