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Our world is becoming increasingly complex and interconnected—as are the challenges we’re facing. Issues such as urbanization, healthcare, social justice, and inequality call for a new generation of public service leaders who can develop smart solutions and apply them to the real world.

NYU Wagner provides a variety of opportunities for undergraduate students who have a passion for public service and a drive to make a positive impact on our world. Our multidisciplinary approach will help you develop skills in areas of management, policy, and finance so that you can succeed in a public service career across any sector.

Statement on Racial Justice

Today we must dedicate ourselves anew to racial justice. Today three words say it all: Black Lives Matter. Whereas in the past many people looked to presidents for moral leadership, today we know, now more than ever, that lasting social change is up to each and every one of us. And we in public policy bear a special responsibility to explore and develop policies and actions that can bring about this change.

When George Floyd said, “I can’t breathe,” his dying words represented more than his personal pain. They echoed James Baldwin, writing a decade before Mr. Floyd was born, “It was absolutely clear that the police would whip you and take you in as long as they could get away with it….” When the police officers pinning down Mr. Floyd ignored his plea and killed him, their actions reflected more than their own individual worldview. They reflected the worst of institutions that have historically reinforced inequality and injustice.

Sixty years ago, John F. Kennedy vowed, “If human rights and human dignity are not shared by every American, regardless of his race or his color, then those in other lands of other creeds and other colors, and they are in the majority, will treat our claims of a great democracy with suspicion and indifference.” Two generations have already passed and yet we are still so far from achieving shared rights and dignity. When any of us “can’t breathe,” every American should share the anger that our society, after all these years, hasn’t done better.

The Undergraduate Public Policy Program marches in solidarity with the Black Lives Matter movement and will intensify its efforts to promote and participate in this vital debate over how to achieve justice and end racism.

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Public Policy Major

Public Policy Major

Our Major in Public Policy prepares students to create, implement, and evaluate public policy through a broad curriculum drawn from disciplines such as economics, political science, law, and statistics.

Wagner Minors

Wagner Minors

Our various minors focus on broadening and deepening students’ knowledge on important public affairs issues happening in the world.


Bachelor's-Master's Dual Degrees

Our dual degrees provide students with an accelerated opportunity to earn a Bachelor of Arts and a Master of Public Administration or Master of Urban Planning in five years instead of the traditional six.