Undergraduate Offerings

Our world is becoming increasingly complex and interconnected—as are the challenges we’re facing. Issues such as urbanization, healthcare, social justice, and inequality call for a new generation of public service leaders who can develop smart solutions and apply them to the real world.

NYU Wagner provides a variety of opportunities for undergraduate students who have a passion for public service and a drive to make a positive impact on our world. Our multidisciplinary approach will help you develop skills in areas of management, policy, and finance so that you can succeed in a public service career across any sector.

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  • Our Major in Public Policy prepares students to create, implement, and evaluate public policy through a broad curriculum drawn from disciplines such as economics, political science, law, and statistics.

  • Our various minors focus on broadening and deepening students’ knowledge on important public affairs issues happening in the world.

  • Our dual degrees provide students with an accelerated opportunity to earn a Bachelor of Arts and a Master of Public Administration or Master of Urban Planning in five years instead of the traditional six.


Wagner undergraduate courses are open to all undergraduates at NYU. All courses are taught by NYU Wagner faculty, who are recognized experts in their fields and provide students with an opportunity to explore some of the most important public policy issues facing the world today.

UPADM-GP.101, The Politics of Public Policy
UPADM-GP.102, Introduction to Social Impact
UPADM-GP.103, Introduction to Managing Public Service Organizations
UPADM-GP.120, Normative Issues in Public Policy
UPADM-GP.140, The Economics of Public Policy
UPADM-GP.210, American Presidential Campaigns
UPADM-GP.217, Sustainable Urban Development
UPADM-GP.219, Race, Class & Gender in American Cities
UPADM-GP.224, Philanthropy, Advocacy and Social Change
UPADM-GP.229, The Intersection of Politics and Public Service
UPADM-GP.236, Topics in Health: Policy, Politics, and Power
UPADM-GP.242, The Business of Nonprofit Management
UPADM-GP.253, Multi-Faith Leadership in the 21st Century
UPADM-GP.254, Multi-Faith Leadership in the 21st Century
UPADM-GP.263, Public Policy and the Arts
UPADM-GP.430, Intelligence and National Security Policymaking