Undergraduate Minors

NYU Wagner offers a number of minors in partnership with several NYU schools. Each of these minors is comprised of courses from Wagner and courses from the partnering school. All undergraduates at NYU are welcome to register for any minor and take undergraduate-level courses at Wagner.

Students may declare their minor through ALBERT. For more information, visit the NYU Registrar's page on cross-school minor applications.


Public Policy Analysis Minor

The Public Policy Analysis minor provides students with the core skills necessary to develop an analytic framework for understanding the causes and consequences of public policies.

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Social Entrepreneurship Minor

In the Social Entrepreneurship minor, students will explore the concepts of students as "changemakers;" entrepreneurship; and the management practices, public policy implications, and social and economic consequences of the rise in social entrepreneurship domestically and internationally.

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Public Policy & Management Minor

Recognizing that many students will move fluidly between public and private realms in their professional work, the Public Policy & Management minor is designed to offer broad exposure to and preparation in both. 

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Social & Public Policy Minor

Whether students plan to pursue careers in the policy arena or merely remain engaged citizens, the Social and Public Policy minor provides a sturdy foundation.

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Multifaith & Spiritual Leadership Minor

The Multifaith & Spiritual Leadership minor equips students to better understand their own faith traditions and spiritual beliefs while simultaneously engaging in multifaith learning, in and beyond the classroom.

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