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Student run, and responsive to the needs and interests of their members, student groups give you a chance to collaborate around a shared goal, whether it's to address issues of identity and difference in the public service community, dive deep into a policy issue, or network with professionals in the field you’re exploring. Groups facilitate panel discussions, seminars, academic talks, community outreach projects, and a range of other activities that enrich the Wagner experience. They're social, too: Groups give you a chance to network and form long-lasting connections. Happy hour? It's one of the most vital activities when you're among people who share your passion.

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NYU Wagner groups help all students—as diverse as they are—find a home. 

The Wagner Student Association

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NYU Wagner's student government and council, the Wagner Student Association, fosters community and promotes leadership and professional development opportunities for the student body. They oversee the management and funding of all student groups and advocate for student needs.