Communication Skills

Whether you are working in nonprofit management, public policy, for a government agency, or as a consultant, your ability to tell the story is vital. Courses that focus on communication skills will deepen your ability to tell persuasive stories across written, oral, and visual platforms.

Foundational courses

  • PADM-GP 1801 - Communications Skills
    Introductory course that teaches various communications’ media necessary for public storytelling including: memos, negotiations, debates, podcasts, presentations and videos.

Additional Electives:

PADM-GP.2875, Estimating Impacts in Policy Research
PADM-GP.4110, Project Management
PADM-GP.4119, Data Visualization and Storytelling
PADM-GP.4131, Fundamentals of Fundraising
PADM-GP.4137, Communications and Branding for Nonprofits