Nonprofits and Government Organizations

By developing a thorough understanding of public service organizations across nonprofit and government sectors, tomorrow’s leaders will enhance their ability to navigate the system and succeed. This focus area delves into the institutional logistics, constraints, core functions, and critical tasks that shape the nature of public service.

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PADM-GP.2109, Legal Literacy: What Public Service Leaders Need to Know About the American Legal System
PADM-GP.2119, Marketing for Nonprofit Organizations
PADM-GP.2129, Race, Identity, and Inclusion in Organizations
PADM-GP.2132, Social Entrepreneurship and Innovation by Design
PADM-GP.2139, Behavioral Economics and Public Policy Design
PADM-GP.2140, Public Economics
PADM-GP.2142, Financial Management II
PADM-GP.2143, Government Budgeting
PADM-GP.2144, Debt Financing and Management for Public Organizations
PADM-GP.2150, Financial Markets and Crises
PADM-GP.2165, Policy Implementation: How Plans, Policies and Projects are Put into Action in the Government
PADM-GP.2173, Operations Management
PADM-GP.2174, The Intersection of Operations, Policy, and Leadership
EXEC-GP.2201, Institutions, Governance, and Public Sector Reform
PADM-GP.2211, Program Development and Management for International Organizations
HPAM-GP.2244, Global Health Governance and Management
EXEC-GP.2430, Multi-Sector Partnerships (EMPA)
PADM-GP.2430, Multi-Sector Partnerships: A Comparative Perspective
PADM-GP.4111, Leading Service Delivery
PADM-GP.4115, Contracts: What the Non-Lawyer Should Know
EXEC-GP.4126, Leading Values-Based Culture in Nonprofit Organizations (EMPA)
PADM-GP.4126, Leading Values-Based Culture in Nonprofit Organizations
PADM-GP.4131, Fundamentals of Fundraising
EXEC-GP.4137, Communications and Branding for Nonprofits (EMPA)
PADM-GP.4137, Communications and Branding for Nonprofits
PADM-GP.4154, Management Consulting for Public Service Organizations
EXEC-GP.4154, Management Consulting for Public Service Organizations (EMPA)
PADM-GP.4217, Accountability in Humanitarian Assistance
PADM-GP.4311, Lean Approaches to Social Innovation
HPAM-GP.4851, Healthcare Emergency Management

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Joe Magee

Associated Associate Professor of Public Service, NYU Wagner; Associate Professor of Management and Organizations, NYU Stern School of Business

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Lila Oldmeadow

Executive Master of Public Administration-Public Service Leaders
Lila Oldmeadow