Leadership in Action at Wagner

Leadership in Action at Wagner is a virtual space that brings together a community of practice at NYU Wagner who study, mobilize, and develop effective leadership in public service. By providing public access to academic papers, reports, teaching materials, and briefs, Leadership in Action at Wagner is also a valuable resource for leaders in governments, nonprofits, and communities.

At Leadership in Action at Wagner, a diverse group of faculty, staff, students, and scholars are committed to​ understanding leadership as a critical dimension of successful public service work. Our leadership faculty and staff come from various disciplinary and professional backgrounds and have extensive experience in the public and nonprofit sectors, philanthropic and community organizations, social justice and issue-based advocacy groups, and more.

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Sonia M. Ospina, Faculty Co-Director and Professor of Public Management and Policy

Erica Gabrielle Foldy, Faculty Co-Director and Associate Professor of Public and Nonprofit Management

Email: wagner.leadership@nyu.edu