Health Policy and Management

Enrolling in courses in this Focus Area will give you the knowledge, insights, and skills to make an impact on health services and health policy. Healthcare is complex and in these courses you will explore healthcare’s intersection with other areas and learn about current issues.

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HPAM-GP.1830, Introduction to Health Policy and Management
HPAM-GP.1833, Strategic Management for Healthcare Organizations
HPAM-GP.2825, Continuous Quality Improvement
HPAM-GP.2836, Topics in Health Policy: Policy, Politics, and Power
HPAM-GP.2846, The Realities of Managing Complex Health Systems
HPAM-GP.2852, Comparative Analysis of Health Systems
URPL-GP.4632, Planning Healthy Neighborhoods
HPAM-GP.4820, Digital Revolution of Healthcare
HPAM-GP.4822, Healthcare Information Technology: Public Policy and Management
HPAM-GP.4830, Health Economics: Principles
HPAM-GP.4831, Health Economics: Topics in Domestic Health Policy
HPAM-GP.4835, Principles of Human Resources Management for Healthcare Organizations
HPAM-GP.4840, Financial Management for Health Care Orgs - I: Financial Management and Budgeting
HPAM-GP.4841, Financial Management for Health Care Orgs - II: Capital Financing and Advanced Issues
HPAM-GP.4849, Current Issues in Reproductive Healthcare Management and Policy
HPAM-GP.4851, Healthcare Emergency Management

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