This Advanced Certificate provides training in assessing the effectiveness of funded, programmatic, and policy interventions. The curriculum is designed for evaluation researchers, social and community service managers, management analysts, and survey researchers, as well as policy professionals in domestic and international settings who are tasked with developing, funding, selecting, or assessing social programs.

As a result of the program, you’ll not only understand critical aspects of impacts in policy research, empirical methods, data analysis, and survey methods, but also walk away with the skills you need to work in government and nonprofit settings in roles examining the efficacy of policy interventions.

Students must successfully complete 15 credits to earn this Advanced Certificate. The curriculum is designed to be completed in three semesters, however students may take up to three years.

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Required Courses:

Students must complete the following courses (9 credits):

Course Number Course Name Prerequisites Typically offered credits
CORE-GP.1011 Statistical Methods None Fall, Spring, Summer 3
PADM-GP.2171 Evaluating Programs and Policies CORE-GP.1011 Fall, Spring, Summer 3
PADM-GP.2902 Multiple Regression and Introduction to Econometrics CORE-GP.1011 Fall, Spring, Summer 3


Students must also choose and complete courses from the following (6 credits):

Course Number Course Name Prerequisites Typically offered credits
PADM-GP.2172 Advanced Empirical Methods PADM-GP.2902 Fall 3
URPL-GP.2618 Geographic Information Systems None Fall 3
PADM-GP.2875 Estimating Impacts in Policy Research PADM-GP.2902; and PADM-GP.2171 or permission from the instructor Spring 3
PADM-GP.4147 Large Scale Data Analysis I CORE-GP.1011 Spring 1.5
PADM-GP.4148 Large Scale Data Analysis II PADM-GP.4147 Spring 1.5
PADM-GP.4501 Designing Data Collection for Program Evaluation, Policy, and Management CORE-GP.1011 Fall 1.5
PADM-GP.4502 Using Large Data Sets in Policy Research PADM-GP 2902 Fall 1.5
PADM-GP.4505 R Coding for Public Policy CORE-GP 1011 Fall 1.5
PADM-GP.4506 Python Coding for Public Policy Fall, Spring 1.5



The required CORE-GP 1011 must be taken in the first semester and it is a prerequisite to most other courses in the certificate. Students who are able to waive CORE-GP 1011 will be allowed to take an advanced elective in its place.

Note: Because PADM-GP 2172 Advanced Empirical Methods is only offered in the fall semester (and requires PADM-GP 2902 as a prerequisite), students who begin the certificate in the spring semester and wish to take the course should consider sequencing carefully. One option may be to enroll in PADM-GP 2902 in summer.