The university, the city, the world: NYU Wagner is at the intersection.

We're a school of public service in one of the world's most complex urban ecosystems—the place where local meets global. At Wagner, you'll interact with this environment in countless concrete ways and develop a perspective on issues that will prepare you for meaningful work anywhere. NYC: It's the world's laboratory.

We're a tight-knit school in a large institution. Wagner's intimacy deepens the connections that will support you through your education and career. At the same time, you'll have access to the wide-ranging opportunities of NYU's global network.

NYU Wagner is in and of NYC. From the streets to City Hall, we're embedded in it. What you learn here will prepare you to tackle stubborn issues in cities the world over.

NYC: A Real World Perspective

New York City: It's the best classroom there is for anyone who wants to make an impact in a complicated world. As a student here, you'll refine your skills and test your ideas working inside New York's nonprofits, policy and research institutes, international organizations, and government agencies. You'll bump up against the difficulties of solving complex urban issues in the context of an intricate governing infrastructure. By the time you graduate, you'll understand in a real way the interplay between the issues, the context, and the solutions—and you'll be ready to apply your skills and your insights anywhere in the world.

Our faculty members study the city, too, or are driving change as the city's public service leaders. These collective student and faculty experiences elevate classroom discussion and build the energy that NYU Wagner absorbs from its urban environment.

New York City is diverse and dynamic. It's a cultural hub, a foodies' paradise, a 24/7 source of entertainment. From our location downtown in the heart of Greenwich Village to the Brooklyn 'hoods where many Wagnerds live, it's an exhilarating place to be a student—and a challenging one.

NYU: A Global Network University

New York University is the largest independent research university in the United States. It's also an academic institution that has international reach. With NYU Abu Dhabi and NYU Shanghai, and 11 international academic centers on four continents, NYU has created a network that lets you radically expand your vision.