IDBE Resources

Initiatives at NYU Wagner

We offer numerous opportunities for the NYU Wagner community to engage in and support IDBE initiatives.

Wagner Diversity Council (WDC)

As a special committee of the Wagner Student Association, WDC is committed to intentional discourse, practice, and action around diversity and inclusion in all its facets within our institutional, academic, and social community.

For more information or to get involved please contact Sakura Miyazaki, the Wagner Student Association's Vice President of Student Groups: Identity and Diversity in Public Service.

Student Groups

Student-run and responsive to the needs and interests of their members, student groups provide a chance to collaborate around a shared goal, whether it's to address issues of identity and diversity in the public service community, dive deep into a policy issue, or network with professionals in the field they're exploring. Groups facilitate panel discussions, seminars, academic talks, community outreach projects, and a range of other activities that enrich the NYU Wagner experience. 

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Ellen Schall Experience Fund

The fund provides financial support and professional development workshops for students who have secured an unpaid summer internship in the field of public service.

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Faculty Diversity Committee

This committee is designated to lead, organize, and encourage discussion among faculty around IDBE-related curricula and cocurricular activities.

Teaching In Progress (TIP)

All NYU Wagner faculty are invited to participate in workshops that address the nuances of facilitating IDBE-related issues that may arise in the classroom.

Who To Go To For What

Discussions around IDBE content can create opportunities for exploration, understanding, and insight. Sometimes, however, conversations can become fraught, and students may need someone to talk with. We always recommend speaking directly with the individual with whom you may have an issue whenever possible. If you need additional support, you can always speak with one of the following:

Initiatives at NYU

In New York and on its campuses and locations throughout the world, NYU is committed to:

  • Fostering intellectual inquiry, research, and artistic practices that respectfully and rigorously take account of a wide range of opinions, perspectives, and experiences.

  • Promoting an inclusive community in which diversity is valued and every member feels they have a rightful place, is welcome and respected, and is supported in their endeavors.

  • Developing and supporting programs and policies that measurably improve NYU's record of attracting and retaining students, as well as hiring and promoting faculty, administrators, and staff from historically underrepresented communities.

  • Building structures that promote inclusiveness and equity for all members of the NYU community, especially our colleagues from marginalized groups.

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NYU University Senate Ad Hoc Task Force on Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion

The 32 member task force includes deans, faculty, students, and administrators and focuses on the critical work of advancing the University’s efforts to embrace its diversity and promote a culture of inclusion for all NYU students, faculty, staff, and administrators.

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NYU Suggested Reading List

Broaden your approach to equity, diversity, and inclusion with more than 50 great works recommended by NYU leaders in their fields.

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Additional NYU Resources

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