Effectively Targeting Public Health Intervention

Client: Local Government Unit of Libon, Albay Province, Philippines
Faculty: Charles Bailey and David Winder
Team: Sean Brooks, Vivek Jayaraman, Clayton Maring, Victoria Rodriguez
Year: 2013

The Local Government Unit of Libon (LGU) recently incorporated an electronic medical records system to better serve its constituents. The Capstone team was requested to provide recommendations for using this system to guide public health policy at the municipal level. The team designed a multi-stakeholder interview process to assess community health perceptions and used municipal public health data to identify areas of focus. After studying international best practices, case studies of similar contexts, and international public health targets, the team constructed a guide outlining high-value strategies to target and enact public health policies. The completed guide consists of recommendations that will help the LGU effectively use its limited public health budget to best meet the needs of its constituents in light of the real-time data stream provided by the new electronic medical records system and existing regional and national health priorities.