Prenatal and Early Childhood Obesity Prevention in East Harlem

Client: New York Academy of Medicine
Faculty: S.J Avery and John Donnellan
Team: "Liliana Diaz Hidalgo, Shamila Dilmaghani, Kemberlie Joseph, Tara Lantz, Thaline Tarpinian, Angelo Wiltshire"
Year: 2008
"The New York Academy of Medicine (NYAM) improves the health of people living in cities, especially the disadvantaged and vulnerable populations, through research, education, community engagement, and evidence­based policy advocacy. NYAM is located in East Harlem and has recently recommitted itself to improv­ing the health of the local population, where prenatal and early childhood obesity have been identified as major health problems. The Capstone team conducted extensive research, including literature reviews and interviews/focus groups, in order to identify significant resources and barriers in the community, best practices for prevention, and key concerns expressed by community members about these health issues. Based on research findings, the team made recommendations for what role NYAM can play in pre­natal and early childhood obesity prevention in East Harlem, and identified potential collaborators. The team also suggested criteria for evaluating a successful healthy weight policy initiative. "