Study of Local Decentralization Progress in Egypt

Client: United Nations Development Programme and the Government of Egypt, Ministry of Local Development
Faculty: Paul Smoke, David Winder
Team: James Collins, Adib Fahim, Travis George, Luke Heinkel, Evian Patterson, Ashleigh Whelan
Year: 2010
The Government of Egypt's Ministry of Local Development created a National Strategy for Decentralization, with support from the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP), to empower local levels of government. The Capstone team performed a baseline study and preliminary evaluation of local development and administration reforms to date. Field research included visiting four governorates - Fayoum, Behera, Ismailia, and Luxor - to perform interviews with officials from various levels of local government, including the governors of Behera and Luxor. While in the field, the Capstone team collected information on the progress, performance, successes, and challenges faced by local officials during the implementation of local development planning and administration processes. Upon returning, the Capstone team conducted an analysis of local government performance, including a comparative review of normative approaches to decentralization and local development, and also produced several recommendations to improve and strengthen the current program.