Government 3.0: Rethinking Governance for the 21st Century

PADM-GP.2425, 3 points.


We live in an era of unprecedented technological innovation with ingenious new advances for achieving clean energy, eradicating disease and providing greater wellness, more equitably and effectively delivering education, and improving the quality of human existence and expression. At the same time, we are experiencing clear deficits within centralized institutions of government and civil society: deficits of agility, innovation and capacity. These traditional institutions are failing to tap into the diversity of expertise and experience of individuals and communities, rendering us less able to quickly discover, recognize, implement and scale innovative approaches to pressing problems and making it impossible to translate technological innovation into social progress. New technology makes collaborative problem solving possible. In this course, we explore how we might use technology -- from big data to social media -- to redesign our systems of governance to devolve power from centralized, hierarchical institutions and evolve more robust collaboration among individuals, groups and institutions including government and the media. Through customized reading lists, blogging assignments, and a final design project participants will apply what we learn about innovation to the issues about which they are the most passionate.



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