Building Green Housing and Sustainable Communities

URPL-GP.4639, 2 points.

Semester: Spring


The primary purpose of this course is to teach students to understand the benefits of building green housing and sustainable communities and to appreciate the challenges in developing such communities. The focus will be on the practical aspects of the development of affordable housing and vibrant neighborhoods in the urban environment, with an emphasis on environmental sustainability. New York City will form the backdrop of much of our investigation but this local focus will be framed by larger national policy considerations.
The course will begin with an overview of urban housing development, examining the historical context that has created the current patterns and development costs. We will then look at best concepts and practices that define green housing and sustainable communities. Week Three focus will be on racial and economic inclusion in building sustainable neighborhoods. We will analyze local and regional policies and then compare and contrast these against national policy approaches. And finally, we will review the various elements of building green housing and sustainable communities through actual case studies.



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