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    The NYU Wagner community makes an impact in every area of public service.

    Sohana Islam, MPA student, held a summer internship with charity: water.

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New York: The Future Now

Professor Mitchell L. Moss's research explores how New York City continually reinvents itself and adapts to new demographic, economic, and technological forces.

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NYU Wagner Alumnus Gives Black Boys, and Barbershops, Access to Fun-to-Read Books

Seeing that many African American boys lack relevant male reading role models as well as access to fun books, NYU Wagner alumnus Alvin Irby created an innovative way to promote early literacy in a place many boys frequent—the barbershop.

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The 47 or 67 Percent?

You can’t discuss the 2012 presidential election without mentioning “the 47 percent.” Professor Nirupama Rao presents an alternative way to interpret the data about people who don't pay federal taxes.

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Helping Small Business Navigate the Regulatory Environment 

After graduating from NYU Wagner, Harold Pettigrew returned to his native Washington, D.C. eventually becoming the lead of the Small Business Resource Center, a government agency aimed at encouraging small business growth through demystifying regulations and trainer-to-trainer advising.

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Obesity: What Policies Address It and How Well Do They Work?

Professor Brian Elbel’s research on America’s obesity epidemic examines how innovative public policies—like labeling, calorie counts, and taxes—can shift behaviors to curb obesity.

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Preserving History or Hindering Progress: Effect of Historic Districts on Local Housing Markets

Professor Ingrid Gould Ellen's research sheds light on the debate around preserving historic neighborhoods.

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Empowering Women, Children, and Communities

With $18, alumna Aissata Camara and her sister founded the There is No Limit Foundation, which empowers the poorest communities to reach their potential by eradicating social barriers and creating economic opportunities.

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Feeding the Future

Professor John Gershman's work explores the complexities surrounding hunger and food security in the age of climate change.

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A Research Agenda on Collective Leadership and Social Change 

Professor Sonia Ospina researches collective leadership and explores the ways communities try to make social change.

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Helping Nonprofits Create More Impact with Their Work 

As Co-Director of the Building Movement Project, alumnus Sean Thomas Breitfeld works to advance the potential for nonprofit organizations to have an impact in building movements for progressive social change.

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Social Enterprise Created at NYU Wagner is Improving Student Attendance

While students at NYU Wagner, Miriam Altman and Alexandra Meis created the Kinvo app, which is now used at 100 high-needs schools and education nonprofits in New York and other cities—giving teachers the ability to notify parents and other guardians instantaneously when their child is absent from class or late. 

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The Hidden Regulations Behind Streets

Professor Zhan Guo conducted research on how suburban parking policies affect car ownership, traffic, and housing affordability.

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