Undergraduate Options at NYU Wagner

Social Entrepreneurship Minor

Social entrepreneurship is an emerging field that crosses public and private boundaries. Some examples include:

  • Nonprofit and government entities harnessing the power of markets for public gain
  • The development and rise of mission-driven, stakeholder-focused businesses
  • Microfinance practices blurring the edges of philanthropy and investment through the use of market forces while delivering financial returns and societal benefits
  • 'Intrepreneurs' building the infrastructure necessary to improve the operations and management systems of public, private, and nonprofit entities to achieve socially advantageous results

Students will take carefully-selected courses at Wagner and Stern that explore the concept of students as "changemakers," entrepreneurship, and the management practices, public policy implications, and social and economic consequences of the rise in social entrepreneurship domestically and internationally.

All students must complete a minimum of four courses to satisfy the inter-school minor requirements: an introductory course, a practicum course, and at least two additional courses. Stern undergraduate students cannot double-count required business core or major courses toward this minor. A minimum of 14 total credits is required. Students must take at least 6 credits at each school.

Choose One Class of the Following Introductory Courses

  • UPADM-GP 264, Understanding Social Entrepreneurship: How to Change the World One Venture at a Time (4 credits)
  • UPADM-GP 265, Social Entrepreneurs, Innovators & Problem Solvers (4 credits) OR MULT-UB.65, Fundamentals of Social Entrepreneurship: Problem Solving an Integration (4 credits)
  • MULT-UB 41 Social Entrepreneurship (3 credits)

Choose a Minimum of One Class of the Following Practicum Courses

  • UPADM-GP 266, Advanced Social Entrepreneurship and Innovation (4 credits)
  • UPADM-GP 267, Practicum in Social Entrepreneurship (4 credits)
  • MULT-UB 70, Social Innovation Practicum (3 credits)
  • MULT-UB 301, Launch!: Business Start-up Seminar (3 credits)

Choose a Minimum of One Class of the Following Stern Courses

  • ECON-UB 223, Social Enterprise and Economic Development: The India Context (4 credits)
  • MGMT-UB 1 (or MGMT-UB.9001), Management & Organizational Analysis (4 credits) (Stern students may not count this course towards the minor)
  • MGMT-UB 7, Managing People and Teams (3 credits)
  • MGMT-UB 25, Managing Change (3 credits)
  • MGMT-UB 42, Economic Inequality (2 credits)
  • MGMT-UB 85, Patterns of Entrepreneurship (3 credits)
  • MGMT-UB 86, Entrepreneurship & Law in Practice (2 credits)
  • MULT-UB 40, Entrepreneurship for the New Economy (3 credits)
  • MULT-UB 66, Advanced Social Entrepreneurship (4 credits) (if not taken as a practical requirement)
  • MULT-UB 68, Sustainability for Competitive Advantage (3 credits)
  • MULT-UB 101, Experiential Learning Seminar: Marketing Social Initiatives in Developing Countries (3 credits)
  • MULT-UB 103, Experiential Learning Seminar:  Social Impact Consulting (2 credits)
  • MULT-UB 105, Emerging Technologies in the Energy Industry (3 credits)
  • MULT-UB 301, Launch!: Business Start-up Seminar (3 credits)


Choose a Minimum of One Class of the Following Wagner Courses (4 credits)

UPADM-GP.101, The Politics of Public Policy
UPADM-GP.102, Introduction to Social Impact
UPADM-GP.217, Sustainable Urban Development
UPADM-GP.224, Philanthropy, Advocacy and Social Change
UPADM-GP.242, The Business of Nonprofit Management
UPADM-GP.266, Advanced Social Entrepreneurship and Innovation

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For information regarding Stern course registration, please contact Stern undergraduate advising at uc.advising@stern.nyu.edu.