Environment, Infrastructure, and Transportation

In the Environment, Infrastructure and Transportation track, students obtain the planning expertise needed to design and deliver public infrastructure services and safeguard environmental conditions for public health and welfare.

The major goals of this track are to enable students to:

  • Evaluate and use knowledge and understanding of values and institutional contexts for environmental and infrastructure planning.
  • Explore theories and historical trends to evaluate relationships between environmental condition, public service capacity, and development options, and their consequences of human actions on the environment.
  • Understand choices about and ways of balancing the use and protection of environmental resources in urban and natural environmental contexts and in the context of other social needs.
  • Engage public interests in the process of environmental, infrastructure and transportation planning.

Courses at Wagner

PADM-GP.2148, Introduction to Structured Finance: Strategies for Municipal, Health and Corporate Finance
PADM-GP.2236, Protecting Rights and Promoting Development: Labor and Environmental Standards in the Global Economy
PADM-GP.2467, Energy and Natural Resources Policy
URPL-GP.2471, Transportation Policy and Behavior
URPL-GP.2610, Environmental Impact Assessment: Process and Procedures
URPL-GP.2612, Adapting the Physical City: Innovations in Energy, Transportation and Water
URPL-GP.2613, Sustainable Cities in a Comparative Perspective
URPL-GP.2614, Intelligent Cities: Technology Policy and Planning
URPL-GP.2618, Geographic Systems and Analysis
URPL-GP.2631, Transportation, Land Use, and Urban Form
URPL-GP.2641, Urban Transportation Planning
URPL-GP.2645, Planning for Emergencies and Disasters
URPL-GP.4632, Planning Healthy Neighborhoods
URPL-GP.4650, Advanced GIS: Interactive Web Mapping and Spatial Data Visualization

Courses Outside of Wagner

In addition to the recommended Wagner courses, students may explore NYU electives offered outside of Wagner. The following is a partial list of potential courses. Students interested in pursuing these or other non-Wagner electives must first obtain the approval of the Urban Planning faculty. Refer to the registration procedures for more information.

Graduate School of Arts and Science

Courses in the Program in Environmental Health Sciences:

  • EHSC-GA 1004, Environmental Health
  • EHSC-GA 1005, Ecotoxicology
  • EHSC-GA 1014, Current Issues in Environmental Health Policy
  • EHSC-GA 2035, Environmental Hygiene Measurements I
  • EHSC-GA 2039, Introduction to Epidemiology
  • EHSC-GA 2309, Environmental Carcinogenesis
  • EHSC-GA 2310, Principles of Toxicology
  • EHSC-GA 2315, Environmental Immunotoxicology

Steinhardt School of Culture, Education, and Human Development


Courses in the Program in Environmental Conservation Education:

  • ENYC-GE 2019, Fundamentals of Environmental Thought
  • ENYC-GE 2021, Environmental Politics
  • ENYC-GE 2022, Environmental Education: Theory & Practice

School of Law

Courses in Environmental Law:

  • LAW-LW.10006, Climate Change Policy Seminar
  • LAW-LW.10065, International Environmental Law Seminar
  • LAW-LW.10086, Advanced Environmental Law
  • LAW-LW.10373, Advanced Environmental Law: Writing Credit
  • LAW-LW.10633, Environmental Law Clinic Seminar
  • LAW-LW.10815, Public Interest Environmental Law Practice
  • LAW-LW.10890, Environmental Values, Policy & the Law Seminar
  • LAW-LW.11120, Environmental Law Clinic
  • LAW-LW.11149, Environmental Law
  • LAW-LW.11530, Energy, Environment and Security: Law and Policy
  • LAW-LW.11614, Global Environmental Law, Science, and Governance Seminar
  • LAW-LW.11838, Climate, Ethics, & The Law Seminar
  • LAW-LW.12169, Energy & Climate Law Policy
  • LAW-LW.12177, Oil Pollution and the Marine Environment

Tandon School of Engineering

  • CE 7673, Environmental Impact Assessment
  • TR-GY 900X, Reading in Transportation
  • TR-GY 6011, Fundamental Concepts in Transportation
  • TR-GY 6113 / CE-GY 804, Forecasting Urban Travel Demand
  • TR-GY 6211, Economic Analysis of Transportation Alternatives
  • TR-GY 6223, Intelligent Transportation Systems and Their Application
  • TR-GY 6231, Transportation Planning Principles and Practice
  • TR-GY 6333, Transportation & Traffic Concepts, Characteristics & Studies
  • TR-GY 6343, Traffic Operations and Control
  • TR-GY 7123 / CE-GY 834, Management of Urban Traffic Congestion
  • TR-GY 7133, Urban Public Transportation Systems
  • TR-GY 7213, Transportation Management
  • TR-GY 8013, Selected Topics in Transportation

Schack Institute of Real Estate

  • DEVE1-GC, 2110 Infrastructure & Urban Development

Center for Urban Science and Progress

  • CUSP-GX 5002, Urban ICT and City Operations
  • CUSP-GX 9007, Data-driven Traffic Modeling and Simulation
  • CUSP-GX 4001, Civic Analytics and Urban Intelligence
  • CUSP-GX 5003, Principles of Urban Informatics