Estimated Per-Credit Tuition and Fee Rates (2016-2017)


Fall 2016
Spring 2017
Summer 2017
Tuition per point/credit


$1,653 $1,653
Registration and service fee for first credit


$479 $479

Registration and service fee for each additional credit

$67 $67 $67









6 credits


$814 $10,732
9 credits


$1,015 $15,892

12 credits

$19,836 $1,216 $21,052




*Tuition and fees are calculated on a per-credit basis and based on 2016-2017 rates. Your tuition costs are customized based on the total number of credits you enroll in each term. For Executive Masters students (excluding Nurse Leaders), fees also include a one-time $1,500 EMPA program fee.

**A typical part-time student enrolls in 6 credits per fall and spring semester each academic year. A typical full-time student enrolls in 12 credits per fall and spring semester each academic year.

Estimated Annual Non-Tuition Expenses* 

Room and board (off campus)


Books and supplies




Personal expenses

Student Basic Health Insurance** $2,170

*Please note that these expenses, based on 2016-2017 rates, are discretionary for students and are included here to assist you in planning your budget.  

**Based on Basic Plan. For more information on student health insurance options, including premiums, enrollment, and waivers, please visit the NYU Student Health Insurance website.