Asphalt Green Expansion

Client: Asphalt Green
Faculty: Sara Grant and Merle McGee
Team: Monica Abend, Alexis Jae Hodges, Leticia John, Pranoumphone Pradachith, Rachelle Rochelle, Erica Woda
Year: 2009
Asphalt Green is a nonprofit organization dedicated to assisting individuals of all ages and backgrounds achieve health through a lifetime of sports and fitness. Asphalt Green's programming has outgrown their 5.5 acre campus and the organization is looking to grow their program off-site in order to increase their impact on underserved communities. The team's goal was to develop a strategy for a new growth phase that includes additional off-site collaborations, space rentals, partnerships, and continued expansion of programs for underserved communities. This process involved considerable research, identification of potential stakeholders, relationship development, and planning. The team made recommendations on opportunities for collaboration based on ease of implementation, strategic relevance, and mission alignment. The Capstone team identified strengths and weaknesses that relate to program development and replication through a SWOT analysis. The team also provided a keen understanding of the political landscape in New York City and recognized the potential challenges and opportunities presented by collaboration with other organizations.