Public Policy Analysis

This Certificate draws from NYU Wagner’s policy program to deepen students’ understanding of the way in which public policy and political realities interact at the national, state, and local levels. It provides students with a fundamental understanding of the tools necessary to conduct public policy analysis, program evaluation, cost-benefit analysis, multivariate regression, and the criteria to assessing the need for government intervention.

Students must complete 12 credits to obtain this Certificate (courses are 3 credits unless otherwise noted).


Students must choose courses (12 credits) from the following:

PADM-GP 2411 Policy Formation and Policy Analysis

PADM-GP 2140 Public Economics

PADM-GP 2171 Evaluating Programs and Policies

URPL-GP 2415 Public Policy and Planning in New York

PADM-GP 2902 Multiple Regression and Introduction to Econometrics

PADM-GP 2875 Estimating Impacts in Policy Research

Three credits of coursework may be substituted from another field/area of specialization with approval.


Students must waive the following courses if they are prerequisites to any of the above elective courses. If students are unable to waive the course(s), only one course from the list below may count toward the Certificate and other courses would need to be completed in addition to the Certificate.

CORE-GP 1018 Microeconomics for Public Management, Planning, and Policy Analysis

CORE-GP 1011 Statistical Methods for Public, Nonprofit, and Health Management

CORE-GP 1021 Financial Management for Public, Nonprofit, and Health Organizations

CORE-GP 1022 Introduction to Public Policy