Financial Management & Public Finance

This Advanced Certificate is designed for students with, or aspiring toward, a career in finance in the nonprofit or public sectors.

The curriculum exposes students to a broad array of analytical tools, including economics, budgeting, accounting, capital financing, investment management, debt management, and financial statement analysis.

Students must complete 12 credits to obtain this Advanced Certificate. The curriculum is designed to be completed in two to three semesters, however students may take up to three years.

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Required Courses:

Students must complete or waive the following course:

Course Number Course Name Prerequisites Typically offered credits
CORE-GP.1021 Financial Management None Fall, Spring, Summer 3


Students must complete the following courses (9 credits):

Course Number Course Name Prerequisites Typically offered credits
PADM-GP.2140 Public Economics CORE-GP.1011, CORE-GP.1018; CORE-GP.1021 or MSPP-GP.4021 concurrently Fall, Spring 3
PADM-GP.2143 Government Budgeting CORE-GP.1011, CORE-GP.1018, and CORE-GP.1021 Spring 3
PADM-GP.2144 Debt Financing and Management for Public Organizations CORE-GP.1021 Fall 3

Three credits of coursework may be substituted from another NYU Wagner course (including another field/area of specialization) with approval.

Prerequisites Courses:

Students must waive the following courses if they are prerequisites to any of the above elective courses a student wishes to take toward the Advanced Certificate. If students are unable to waive the course(s), the course(s) would need to be completed in addition to the Advanced Certificate.

Course Number Course Name Prerequisites Typically offered credits
CORE-GP.1011 Statistical Methods None Fall, Spring, Summer 3
CORE-GP.1018 Microeconomics None Fall, Spring 3