Marketing and Fee Structure Analysis

Client: Lenox Hill Neighborhood House
Faculty: John Brothers, Monte Kurs
Team: Brooke Ansnes, Jonathan Chapman, Pranav Sharma, Meredith Sofka, Hiroto Uchino
Year: 2010
Lenox Hill Neighborhood House is a multiservice community-based organization that provides education and social services to over 20,000 individuals each year on the East Side of Manhattan and Roosevelt Island. The Capstone team devised a marketing plan and related data management tools for Lenox Hill Neighborhood House's fee-based programs, including their Fitness and Aquatics Center, Computer Training classes, and English for Speakers of Other Languages. The team conducted research on local competitors, market trends, and demand for the targeted services, in addition to surveying senior citizens regarding fitness and exercise interests. A financial model was developed to aid fee setting practices, and databases were created to streamline client demographics and feedback for future marketing efforts. Research results and recommended marketing strategies were presented in report format. Collectively, the recommended strategies and accompanying data management tools should play a vital role in maximizing revenue streams from the specified fee-based programs.