Race and Class in American Cities

URPL-GP.2620, 3 points.


As America bolts toward becoming a majority people of color nation, dozens of cities are already there. This urban transformation is occurring against the backdrop of rising inequality and persistent racial inequity. The resulting friction sometimes overshadows, and in the long run threatens to undermine, the incredible opportunities afforded by the resurgence of cities. To maintain their competitive advantage, cities will have to address the following tough questions:

• Who benefits from the investments?

• Who gets to live in dense neighborhoods rich in culture and opportunity?

• How do we open up opportunity to everyone?

To answer these questions, we need fresh thinking about job creation, education, housing, economic development and everything that makes cities tick. At the same time, we need to lift up groundbreaking local efforts that are beginning to fuse the achievement of racial equity and the creation of 21st century cities. This course examines how cities can meet these challenges through policy interventions.



Prerequisites: none

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