Effective Management Skills and Knowledge

The Health Services Management specialization provides frameworks to understand the challenges of managing health care in a changing environment and the skills necessary to be effective in management roles. Topics include design and control in health organizations, management of service operations, the personnel function and human resources management in health settings, information systems, marketing and strategic planning.

Required Courses

HPAM-GP.2825, Continuous Quality Improvement
HPAM-GP.4822, Healthcare Information Technology: Public Policy and Management
HPAM-GP.4830, Health Economics: Principles
HPAM-GP.4833, Health Care Management I: Control and Organizational Design
HPAM-GP.4834, Health Care Management II: Adaptation and the Professional Manager
HPAM-GP.4835, Principles of Human Resources Management for Health Care Organizations
HPAM-GP.4840, Financial Management for Health Care Orgs - I: Financial Management and Budgeting
HPAM-GP.4841, Financial Management for Health Care Orgs - II: Capital Financing and Advanced Issues


The following is a list of recommended electives.
PADM-GP.2145, Design Thinking: A Creative Approach to Problem Solving and Creating Impact
PADM-GP.2170, Performance Measurement and Management for Public, Nonprofit, and Health Care Organizations
PADM-GP.2173, Operations Management for Public, Nonprofit and Health Contexts
PADM-GP.2430, Multi-Sector Partnerships: A Comparative Perspective
HPAM-GP.2836, Current Issues in Health Policy
HPAM-GP.2848, The Business of Healthcare
HPAM-GP.2852, Comparative Health Systems
PADM-GP.4111, Managing Service Delivery
PADM-GP.4113, Evidence-Based Management
PADM-GP.4117, Systems Thinking and Deep Data Literacy
PADM-GP.4137, Strategic Communications
URPL-GP.4632, Planning Healthy Neighborhoods
HPAM-GP.4831, Health Economics: Topics in Domestic Health Policy
HPAM-GP.4844, Realities of Academic Medical Centers I
HPAM-GP.4845, Realities of Academic Medical Centers II
HPAM-GP.4852, Ethical Issues in Healthcare Management
HPAM-GP.4853, Healthcare Law and Ethics
HPAM-GP.4860, Topics in Health Policy: The Affordable Care Act


All Capstone projects begin in the fall and are completed at the end of the spring semester. Full-time students who begin in the spring semester typically need 2½ years to complete their degree.

CAP-GP.3801, Capstone: Advanced Projects in Health Finance, Management, and Policy I
CAP-GP.3802, Capstone: Advanced Projects in Health Finance, Management, and Policy II