Putting Theory into Practice: RCLA Resources

At RCLA, we are committed to broadly sharing the results and conclusions of our research into leadership practice and theory. We do this through academic publications, which include books, chapters, and journal articles published through third parties, through research reports, and through other products for practice, such as Practice Notes.

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Publications include articles published in juried and other top academic journals, as well as chapters and books. They reflect RCLA's recent research and scholarship into leadership practice and theory.

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Reports are documents or working papers produced by RCLA.

View recent publications from the Leadership for a Changing World Research and Documentation program.

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Practice Notes

RCLA Practice Notes offer practical guidance about sound leadership practices by drawing on leaders' experiences using various techniques, tools and approaches in dealing with critical social issues.

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Curricular Resources

RCLA's course materials bridge theory and practice and provide a way for professors and scholars to incorporate thinking and practices from the work of leadership in public service into courses, seminars, trainings and presentations for emerging and established leaders.

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RCLA's monthly E-newsletter informs leaders and researchers about the Center's work, shares new ideas, and highlights practical resources that promote high quality leadership and leadership development.

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Digital Library

The Digital Library includes narratives;and leadership insights captured on video and audio files.

View a video with RCLA Faculty Director Sonia Ospina
on the paradox of leadership.

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