NYU Wagner encourages you to seek guidance from multiple sources throughout your academic career.  Just as no single mentor can fulfill all of a developing professional’s needs, you will receive richer and more valuable advice from multiple advisors. 

Registration Advisement
Advisement begins with the online Registration Advisement Webinars held prior to the start of your first term.

Peer Advisement
In December, you will be assigned to a Peer Group of your classmates who will receive guidance from a Peer Advisor.  Your Peer Advisor will contact you after you have participated in a Registration Advisement Webinar.

Faculty Advisement
Wagner's full-time faculty are available as a source of advisement. They can help you shape your specialization and elective courses toward your academic and professional goals, and provide awareness of career paths in your field. Students are encouraged to seek advisement from a range of faculty. Early in the first semester, students will learn more about which faculty are available for advisement in their program and/or specialization.

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