Introduction to your Strengths (Gallup's CliftonStrengths Assessment)

Presented By NYU Wagner Alumni Relations

7:00pm - 8:15pm
September 24, 2019
7:00pm - 8:15pm

Are you interested in learning how you can leverage your unique talents to find fulfillment and success in your professional life?

Join Emily Lamia (EMPA 2014 and founder of Pivot Journeys) for a two-part webinar series that will allow you to clarify your strengths and map out potential options for where to take your career next. Plus, you’ll receive your personalized CliftonStrengths assessment report to help you discover your unique talents and strengths. The CliftonStrengths (aka StrengthsFinder) assessment is a widely used and highly regarded tool for identifying and leveraging your natural talents.



Session I: Introduction to your Strengths (75 min), September 24 at 6:30PM (online) 

This webinar will help you better understand and appreciate your top strengths and talents. In advance, you’ll take the Gallup CliftonStrengths assessment, a globally recognized assessment tool that helps you build self-awareness and language around your unique talents and strengths.

After completing the online assessment, you’ll receive a detailed “Signature Theme Report,” which will provide you with information on your “Top 5 Strengths” and help you better understand and connect your strengths in your professional life.

You’ll utilize worksheets, exercises, and structured reflections to help you go deeper and think more concretely about how these talents connect to your work and how you want to apply them throughout your career. 


Session II: Career Mapping with Strengths (75 mins), October 17 at 6:30PM (online) 

This webinar builds on the “Introduction to your Strengths” session, and your newly gained strengths insights to help map out potential career path options rooted in your unique strengths.

The workshop culminates with a strategic analysis tool to explore options and clarify key questions in order to make smarter, more strategic decisions about where your career is heading.

No matter your career level, if you're thinking about what's next, this will help you clarify where you want to go – and where you’ll excel – over the course of your career.


The $10 fee is to cover the cost of completing the CliftonStrengths assessment (we’ll email you a unique code and instructions on how to access the assessment). You’ll receive your Signature Theme Report (yours to keep) which provides a detailed overview and insights on your top five talent themes.



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